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Praxis Growth Advisors, Inc. | Hanover, MA

Looking for an Engaging Speaker?

Eric Warner, Sandler Training in Boston

Who Is Motivating Your Team?

Are your national sales conferences providing motivation?

Have your regular sales meetings become flat and predictable?

When was the last time a seminar or conference participant thanked you for bringing that engaging, entertaining and insightful guest speaker?

Looking For a Engaging Session?

Eric would be pleased to present any of the following topics:

- Hiring Strategies
- Building a Sales Driven Culture
- Break the Rules and Close More Sales
- Sales Strategies for Non-Selling Professionals
- Improve Your BAT-ing Average . . . A Formula For Success
- Effective Networking
- Cold Calling Clinics
- Management Topics
- Leadership Topics
- Effective Communication Strategies
- Managing Young Teams

Eric has been an invited guest speaker to companies, groups, associations, trade shows for local, national and global events for over a decade. His credits include speaking engagements at University Events and Keynote Speaking at Global Conferences. His lively, entertaining and engaging style keeps audiences attentive, informed and glad they attended the presentation.


Eric Warner would be pleased to speak to your association, conference, or company at your next event. To learn how to invigorate your business affair contact Sandler Training, Boston at