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Sales Mastery

Sales Development Series

EVOLVE and ELEVATE the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques of ESSENTIALS Training.

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Sales Development Series

The Sandler Selling System - Solving Today's Toughest Challenges

The Sales Development Series is an ongoing development program grounded in proven communication and psychological theories, powerful strategies, and techniques that improves sales preformance.

Master the most powerful sales methodology ever developed.

Our bold, take-charge approach to the sales process challenges long-held sales beliefs, turns the tables on prospects and places the power and control of the sales process firmly in the hands of the sales professionals.

The Sandler Selling System will forever change the way you think and sell, but to do so, it will require real, permanent change in your team and on your part. All your team will need is the desire and commitment to close more sales and the open-mindedness and willingness to implement what they learn. As a leader, you are a valuable part of the process of holding your team accountable and coaching them as they grow.


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2024 Sales Development Series Schedule

  • 1/9 - The Success Triangle
  • 1/23 – Defining and Executing Goals
  • 2/6 – Developing Successful Habits
  • 2/20 – Understanding Your Communication Style as a Seller
  • 3/5 – Understanding Your Buyers’s Communication Style
  • 3/26 – Pain indicators by Buyer Persona
  • 4/2 – Differentiating through the Pattern Interrupts
  • 4/16 - Elevating your Up-Front Contract
  • 5/7 – Understanding the Impact of the Buyer-Seller Ego States
  • 5/21 – Identifying and Accessing Key Decision-Makers
  • 6/4 – Creating your Prospecting plan
  • 6/13 – Pain Discovery Workshop
  • 7/2 - Getting Commitments Throughout the Sales Process
  • 7/23 - Executing a No-Pressure Call
  • 8/6 - Communicating to Capture Attention
  • 8/20 - Building Business Acumen and Financial Concepts
  • 9/3 - Essential Investment Conversations
  • 9/17 - Negative Reverse Selling
  • 10/1 - Uncovering the Truth between Stalls and Objections
  • 10/1 - Quantifying Customer Pain
  • 10/2 - Executive Level Selling
  • 11/5 - Captivating Attention with Email and Text
  • 11/1 - Guiding Your Buyer’s Decision Process
  • 12/3 - Buyers to Champion Your Solution
  • 12/1 - Communicating to Capture Attention




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About the Sales Development Series

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Equip your sales team with skills to align with today's changing sales environment. Its flexible approach will instill confidence in your sales team, even in the most trying sales situations with the savviest of buyers.

Your sales team will be able to:

  • Qualify prospects and discern their real need.

  • Disengage from situations most likely to waste their time.

  • Structure sales encounters for greater effectiveness.

  • Sharpen their prospecting and lead acquisition skills.

Are your team’s selling strategies working against you?

Growing sales can be a challenging undertaking, especially in today’s global market with dangerously self-educated prospects. Whether you are charged with managing a sales team or closing business yourself, there are hundreds of potential pitfalls including self-limiting beliefs, the prospect’s unique challenges, the marketplace, and of course, your competition.

Are you tired of your salespeople:

  • Dealing with prospects who pick their brains for ideas, and then give the business to someone else?

  • Getting derailed with one stall or objection after another?

  • Producing inconsistent sales forecasts and results?

  • Making presentations to people who can’t or won’t make decisions?

  • Feeling frustrated because you make headway on company goals?

  • Letting your proposals be used as bargaining chips to negotiate better prices?

  • Having to work so hard to prospect?

  • Wasting time with leads who they said were interested but were far from it?

  • Constantly looking for new ways to find prospects that don't require making cold calls?

Are you ready to:

  • Take control of the selling process and your business?

  • Lead a team of sales masters and respected contributors?

  • Close more sales, more quickly, more easily, and more profitably?

  • Have fun in your career and be a professional instead of a babysitter?

  • Help your team learn how to qualify your prospects before investing time, money, and energy pursuing them?


Then maybe it’s time to learn why the traditional selling strategies used throughout history fail, and why the Sandler philosophy will help you and your team develop an effective and efficient process for developing sales opportunities.

How to succeed in sales.

In the Sales Mastery program, we collected the best practices from our 50-plus years of sales training experience. You will learn the timeless sales strategies, communication skills, and success principles that will accelerate your team’s journey to becoming lifelong, successful sales producers.

  • Create a common language and process that will expand your sales team’s existing skills.
  • Leverage your team’s product knowledge and apply it to more quickly and effectively identify, qualify, develop, and close sales opportunities.
  • Develop advanced prospecting and sales strategies for topline growth.
  • Improve the behaviors and attitudes necessary to reach the highest levels of success.

Commit to a continuous improvement process.

The Sandler Methodology merges the latest research theories on adult learning with success principles and approaches that founder, David Sandler, used when he originally designed this world-renowned course.

Each interactive training session presents an exciting combination of easy-to-follow lessons, real-world examples and role-plays, problem-solving, and ongoing reinforcement through additional resources. Knowledgeable and experienced Sander trainers provide your team with plenty of individual feedback and coaching, plus they will also benefit from the input of the other sales professionals in the room.