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Sandler Sales Foundations

The ESSENTIALS of the NEW Sales Development Series

Next session: June 11, 2024 | Complete Schedule🔻

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Sales Development Series

Sandler Essentials is your foundation through the Sandler Sales Development Series.

9 Essentials classes held over 4.5 weeks - Your first step to sales certification
Next session begins June 11, 2024

Companies that invest in sales training are 57% more effective than their competitors.

Overcome Today's Sales Challenges

Sales growth is a challenging undertaking in today’s economy and with highly educated prospects. There are hundreds of potential pitfalls including self-limiting beliefs, prospect challenges, the marketplace, and of course, the competition.

“Sales is an evolving concept. This program provides the necessary practice to keep skills sharp.” - Class Participant

The Solution to Sales Success

Sales development is an investment in the growth of your company. While an effective sales team drives business success, an ineffective sales force can result in missed revenue opportunities, low customer satisfaction, and losing to your competitors.

Develop Consistent Lasting Results

  • Build Better Habits - Install a “more, better, different” approach to your goals, plans, and actions
  • Reinforce Positive Beliefs - Improve the way you think about yourself, your organization, and the marketplace
  • Drive Performance - Change the performance of the entire sales organization.
  • Execute Innovative Strategies - Apply more effective strategies and tactics with the appropriate personal presence

Stop Struggling with:

  • Finding and closing enough profitable deals
  • Guiding prospects and buyers through the buyer journey
  • Giving too many discounts and concessions resulting in eroding margins
  • Building client loyalty to expand accounts beyond the initial sale

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“This was an incredible program. I really wasn’t sure what to expect - as it seemed like up to this point in my career, every training program was about the same. Learning to ask for the NO via negative reverses blew my mind. It’s a technique I’m practicing daily in life. I love the Up-Front Contract, post sell close - the importance of standing out from the bunch - and I am noticing better and smoother experiences with my prospects as I implement these things.” -  Class Participant


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Evolve the Attitudes, Behaviors, and Techniques of salespeople that improve performance.

On an individual basis, sales training can increase a sales rep's performance by an average of 20%


Elevate and systematize your customer journey to support sustainable growth goals.

Companies that invest in sales training are 57% more effective than their competitors.


Excel with a proven methodology that drives pipeline growth, increases forecast accuracy, and creates accountability.

Companies that implement a formal sales coaching strategy see 93% of their salespeople meet their quota.

2024 Sales Development Series Dates

Sandler Drives Results: 34% Reported >50% increase in first year sales after working with Sandler

Virtual 4.5 Weeks • Tuesday & Thursday 11:00am-12:30pm ET
Program includes 3 additional Mastery Classes

  • Jan. 16-Feb. 15

  • March 5-April 4

  • April 30-May 30

  • June 11-July 16

  • Sept. 10-Oct. 10

  • Nov. 5-Dec. 10

Sales Development Series Topics

  • The Buyer-Seller Dynamic

    Introduces the Sandler selling methodology and the Success Triangle. Explores the influence of attitude on behavior using the Self-Limiting Beliefs Log.

  • Essential Communication Skills

    Introduces active listening and other communication strategies, and explores connect questions using the Relationship Builder.

  • Creating Mutual Agreement

    Introduces the value of mutual agreement and explores the four elements of an up-front contract using the Up-Front Contract Builder.

  • Discovering Buyers' Motivations

    Introduces emotional drivers behind buying decisions and explores the Pain Funnel using the Pain Identifier.

  • Better Understanding Through Asking Questions

    Introduces objection-handling and other communication hurdles and explores question strategies using the Question Strategy Creator.

  • Understanding Investment Parameters

    Introduces monetary and non-monetary investment parameters and explores budget conversations using the Investment Conversation Checklist.

  • Identifying the Decision-Making Process

    Introduces the investigative approach and explores buyers’ decision-making teams and processes using the Decision-Making Process Identifier.

  • Communicating the Solution and Closing the Sale

    Introduces presentation best practices using the Presentation Planner and explores post-sale strategies using the Post-Sale Navigator.

  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone>

    Learn how to raise your comfort zone to consistently achieve greater levels of performance by taking risks, trying new things, and adapting to new challenges.