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Praxis Growth Advisors, Inc. | Boston and the South Shore, MA

Sandler Virtual Sales Academy - LIVE!

Join Us on Tuesday & Thursday's - 10:30 AM to Noon

Presented by: Eric Warner, Sandler Training in Boston
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Sandler Foundations – Prepare for the Recovery

These are unique and challenging times for our country and our economy. I am confident that due to our culture of overcoming adversity, American businesses will figure out how to adapt. The way we sell will have to adapt as well.

Will your company come out ahead, or risk being left behind?

In the spirit of adapting we have now moved our foundational training program to a live, online classroom. The program consists of nine modules, each 90-minutes long, and delivered twice per week.

All the content is timeless but specific attention will be given to modern strategies for selling virtually and via telephone, given that this is the new reality for the coming months.

Program Outline:

Session 1: Why We Need to Have a System for Selling
Session 2: Strategies to Quickly Build Trust with Prospective Clients
Session 3: Using “Verbal Contracts” to Accelerate Deals and Qualify Harder
Session 4: Uncovering Your Prospects’ Compelling Reasons to Do Business with You
Session 5: Discussing the Budget (Money, Time and the Resources)
Session 6: Engineering a Decision-making Process and Accessing All of The Decision Makers
Session 7: Closing the Sale and Setting Up Customer Success
Session 8: Modern “No-Pressure” Prospecting Strategies

Students are required to have their video on to ensure engagement, and virtual break out rooms are utilized to give space for role-playing and application discussions.

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Join Us on Tuesday & Thursday's - 10:30 AM-Noon

Please note: Once this program is completed you will be able to reinforce the key concepts via our Sales Mastery sessions.

Location: LIVE virtually via Zoom

Contact us to discuss the program specific to your needs.

Includes one month of Sandler Sales Mastery, Extended DISC Assessment, and Class Materials.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what previous attendees are telling us…

From a Sales Professional:

“First, I wanted to thank you for last week. The lessons you taught over the course of the two-day Bootcamp were incredibly helpful, and I’ve already begun using them. Yesterday I talked through a call plan for a prospecting lead that involved staying behind the pendulum and the pattern interrupt."

From an Insurance Broker:

"Where do I even begin!? I learned a lot about myself: How my personality is classified and more importantly how it affects others. Being structured: Adhering to the "Sandler Submarine" method to keep my actions on track and focused. The true definition of "Sales" - "Leading people in the direction you want them to go - and having them feel good about it." … I love the Pendulum Clock exercise. That taught me how to take a step back and allow your prospect to follow in the direction desired. Perhaps even using a bit of ""negative reverse-talk"" to facilitate which was a fairly new concept for me. The Pain Funnel was another great focus I found very enlightening. I feel I've used this more than I know. The difference is now I'm fully aware of it. This will allow me to achieve my goal of asking more in-depth questions and getting to the root of issues. Then finally, taking that step back to listen. "Qualify rigorously - close easily" -- I found this to be a near and dear statement. In my line of business, especially, time is of the essence. No one wants their time wasted and I certainly do not plan to waste my own time. "No Pain, No Sale!"" -- Being able to identify pain points is a skill and I plan to rigorously qualify!"

From a Talent Management Company:

"Pain presented is usually not the real pain. Up-front contract needs to involve a firm future commitment to be complete. Order of questions that get you more information can be augmented with ""How," ""What," and ""Can you tell me more about that?"

From a Professional Services Company:

"The person you are trying to sell to, your prospect, must qualify for your time. A business opportunity must serve the best interest of both parties. You can’t sell anything. They have to discover that they want it. The pain funnel questions help you discover their pain. Actions I will take: Listen more! Not assume I know the answer to a prospect's question until they've fully described their pain.”

From an Energy Company:

“I feel confident that many of the subjects we discussed will make me more successful. My goal over the next month or two is to use the workbook to practice the concepts to really get them ingrained in my daily sales routines. Lessons Learned: Habits take 66 days to take effect. Purpose of the pain funnel is to elicit emotional thoughts connected to the existing issues. Action item: Aim to ask 5 additional questions to various customer responses or statements that would typically be the end of the particular subject being discussed, i.e., “why”, “tell me more about that”, use more creative thought to determine possible solutions to keep the conversation open, etc.”