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Do you struggle with initiating a dialogue with a prospect?

Even if you have great marketing leads or strong referral sources at some point you have to initiate a conversation with a prospect. You feel the pressure and as a result so does your prospect. So how do we get out of this pattern?

A guide to develop your talk tracks!

  • Interrupt the pattern – If your prospects think you are trying to sell then they will feel pressure. Be clear with your intentions and let them decide if they want to progress the discussion

  • Create Mutual Agreement – Set an up-front contract. Your prospect needs to understand the expectations of the interaction. Purpose, time, your agenda, give them an opportunity to present their agenda and lay out options for ending the interaction or progressing to a next step.

  • Talk about them and not about you - What are the frequent challenges your prospect faces which you can help them resolve. What’s frustrating, worrying, annoying or angering them that your product or service fixes?

  • Close and move on – Your goal for a prospecting call is to progress to a next step or exit the process. Once you learn the basics of their challenge close for a next step. Prospecting is about starting an interaction not closing a sale. Discover and close on a next step.

  • Lock it up - Think of all the reasons why your prospect may get cold feet about your next step and help them remove “buyers remorse” and risk blowing you off.

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