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Sandler's Leadership Solutions

Strengthening the backbones of successful companies with
Leadership for Organizational Excellence

This Program Is For

Business Owners, Executives and Senior Managers who are...

• Concerned about spending too much time working IN the business instead of ON the business
• Frustrated being held hostage by privileged employees
• Tired of trying to figure out what motivates their staff
• Worried they are fighting fires that should be the responsibility of others
• Afraid that opportunities to grow company accounts are being squandered

What You Will Learn...

• Identify which of the 14 blind spots might be holding you back
• Why employees won't do what's expected
• How to motivate others
• What it takes to become an excellent organization

Learn to Build Managerial Skills

Effective leaders must build on those managerial skills, plus...

• Have an instinctual understanding about human nature, and why people act the way that they do.
• Be able to observe their people's behavior and analyze and respond to it in an objective, supportive, and constructive manner.
• Encourage, enable and recognize their people for their performance.


Successful managers must be able to effectively...

• Support corporate initiatives through the accomplishment of department goals.
• Channel their people’s efforts in the appropriate direction in order to accomplish those goals.
• Acquire specialized knowledge and skills relevant to managing people and helping them accomplish predictable results.

transform yourself into the leader you want to be

Transforming Leaders— The Sandler Way

Leadership for Organizational Excellence was designed at the antidote to business blind spots. Sandler’s new leadership program sets you on the road to excellence and keeps you moving forward all year long.

Do you have this blind spot in your organization?

Since helplessness is a learned behavior, there are ways you and your team can work at 'unlearning' it.

Free offer: Learn how to transform yourself into a leader with these insights.

Excerpted from our book, The Road to Excellence, this sample chapter addresses how to overcome common management "blind spots" that can undermine and destroy companies.


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