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Praxis Growth Advisors, Inc. | Boston and the South Shore, MA

Take a positive step to grow your business. Gain critical business insights and learn new approaches to help you and your team grow your business and increase margins. 

Event Overview

This event is for business professionals, advisers, and consultants who are searching for solutions to the business obstacles they face when trying to build their business, acquire new clients, and maintain their existing relationships in this dynamic economy. The topics covered will include the greatest obstacles encountered in the business development process, why these things occur and some insights into how to overcome them.

Who This Briefing is for:

This round-table discussion is valuable for you and your team if you are:
• Frustrated by writing too many proposals and quotes and not winning the business. 
• Exasperated with prospects telling you at the end that they "just want to think it over". 
• Fed-up with prospects who don't return calls AFTER they have your price and ideas. 
• Suspicious your prospects are using you for ideas without hiring you first.
• Confused why traditional approaches turn you into an unpaid consultant. 

Grow or Survive? Have you decided to grow your income or is your goal simply to survive? If you want to grow, join us.

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