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Are you Wishing and Hoping this holiday season?

How to get wishing and hoping out of your selling process.

At this point the excitement of the holiday season has likely gripped all of you. Perhaps you have children in your lives and you see hope in their faces or hear the wish list of holiday “needs”. It’s fun to play on those emotions and watch the excitement build as the big day approaches.

Be honest. Do you ever feel like that in your selling process?   Do you find yourself getting excited as a potential deal gets closer? Does that excitement sometimes fade away and turn into a wish that the deal will close? Or worse, do you find yourself hoping that you met enough of your prospects needs to close the deal? Suddenly wishing and hoping doesn’t feel so exciting.

If you find yourself wishing and hoping this holiday season here are some ideas on how to remove wishing and hoping from your selling process.

  1. Identify root-cause. Does your prospect have a critical problem that you can help them solve? Do you know what is ultimately causing this problem? Does your prospect have an awareness of the impact of solving this problem or the down side of letting the problem continue? Where does fixing this problem fall on their priority list? If you can’t answer these questions then you may end up hoping that the prospect will be compelled to act.
  2. No money no sale. Is your prospect willing and able to make an investment in your offering? Is the money available to allocate? Are they willing to spend it now on your product? Does it reside in their budget or do they need to gain approval from someone else? Money is sometime hard to talk about but if they can connect the value from point #1, it gets much easier.
  3. Is YOUR buyer THE buyer? Do you have complete clarity on your prospects decision making process? When do they want to get started? Who is involved? Why will they choose you over your competitor? Where is this decision made? What is required for all approvals to be in place? How are they deciding?   We can’t assume, we must confirm.

Allow yourself to be excited about the holidays. Dream big dreams, wish upon stars and hope for health and happiness for all. Don’t get excited until your prospects shared their commitments with you or your agreements are signed. Be measured in your approach and insure you have all the information your need to qualify your prospect so you aren’t wishing and hoping to land the big one by year end.

Happy Holiday’s!

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