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Have you developed an efficient selling system? Does this system enable the team to consistently achieve the desired outcomes while saving time, energy and money? Are you training them on the system, holding them accountable to it and coaching them on how to improve their gaps?

Taking the time to develop a successful sales template will help your team to guide your prospects and provide your organization with a competitive advantage that will increase your chances of winning more business.

The most effective sales templates are the basic step-by-step set of interactions focused on each stage of the sales meeting and flexible enough to accommodate alterations.

Maintaining a consistent review of each step is significant because it eliminates guesswork and the salesperson’s desire to reinvent your sales process with each prospect interaction.

It is not difficult to establish a sales template when you follow a selling Philosophy:
Professional Selling is a noble profession. Do not let the prospect treat you with disrespect.

Sales Process Template Guidelines:
• Develop a dynamic flow chart of your sales process, providing options and critical decisions to be reached at each stage.
• Be specific. Develop a talk-track and list of key questions to ask your prospect during each phase.
• Follow a proven sales methodology as a guide
• Establish separate sales templates for internal and external use.
       - Internal to guide the process within your organization for proper forecasting and planning
       - External: detailing your process so your prospects understand how you do business and what’s expected of them.

These guidelines are designed to keep all parties involved on track during the sales process. Implementing and adapting your sales template will establish a sales process that invites a conversational nature to the prospect interaction and focuses on qualifying . . . not closing.

When guiding prospects towards discovery their challenges and the business impact of those challenges are revealed. Once these challenges are fully understood then and only then do you introduce your sales solution. It is in those final moments that the prospect will come to realize you hold the key to what they have been searching for. They will ask for help to take away this pain and make their job easier.

You have now been armed with the reasons to establish a sales process template, a guideline for creating one and an example of the results you can expect. Should you require additional assistance please call or email us.

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