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A Case for Debriefing

How often do you debrief each of your salesperson’s calls together?  Not just the big ones, but every one.  The goal is to let your sales team learn a system for debriefing, so they are able to do it themselves, and learn from their mistakes. 

  • A good debrief is wrapped in positives, even if it means you need to put your salespeople back together again, so they’ll want to learn from you and not run away from you by not being honest. 
  • A good debriefing is a two-way dialogue, with most of the questions coming from you. 
  • A good debriefing is systematic.  If you leverage the Sandler Selling System, used on every call, every time the debriefing should follow that same process.  The selling system has to be the same system for both parties—the sales manager and the salesperson.  If not, then debriefing the sales call becomes as difficult as putting a Ford engine in a Chevy body. 

Growing salespeople to be the best they can be is the best case for debriefing.  

Managers: How do you debrief your sales teams' calls? Need more tips and tactics to grow your team? Contact us today.

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