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Eric Warner

Goals and plans without action are just words on a page. But where should we start? What action will you need to unlock that will really drive personal performance? What’s the most important behavior that will help you hit your goals? When you really think about it, goals are created to establish new habits, and habits are ingrained behaviors.

As managers and frankly, as people, we are often drawn to people who are like us. They make us comfortable. We feel OK when we are around them and often feel like we have connected with them. I have managed hundreds of salespeople and the ones who I remember the best are those who achieved success in ways in which I never could have imagined nor duplicated myself. They weren’t like me but, in so many ways, so much better.

Information is everywhere today so at what point do you decide it's time for action? How much preparation is too much, and can over-preparing hurt your sales production?

Sometimes, preparation can be a crutch and prevent you from action. For example, let’s think about cold calling for a second. You could spend hours searching Google, LinkedIn, company websites, and news outlets before picking up the phone and making your first cold call.

Are you focused on Winning the Sale or just the WIN? 5 Tips to Focus on What's Important Now in your sales process!

Think for a second, is “no” really a bad thing? If a real and material problem does not exist and we help create one for the sake of a deal; will we have a good long-term profitable client? Probably not. What if we spend a long time ignoring obvious objections and issues only to discover they are material roadblocks to your sale? How many times have we wasted precious time and ample energy chasing something that we could have ended long before we invested our valuable time and energy trying to create an opportunity?

When we give buyers permission to get into our head, we can’t do our job as sales professionals effectively. If we allow ourselves to become emotionally involved in a discussion with a buyer, we give that buyer control over us. If a buyer tries to manipulate us, and succeeds, that’s not on the buyer. It’s on us!

Try, Need to, and Can’t. These are three words that any sales coach worth their salt will not allow to pass during a coaching conversation without probing. Why? Because these words are almost always code for a salesperson doing what salespeople do best, influencing their managers and coaches to let them slide.

Fourth quarter can bring extra stress to sales teams. Here are three ways to avoid end of the year stress and burnout.

Have you ever been on a sales call and get the sense that the other person has checked out of the discussion? We’ve all been there. Don’t fail into the prospect’s trap and help them end the meeting! Now is the time to follow the Sandler Rule, “If you feel it, say it.” Here’s how to uncover their issues.

If you have salespeople, chances are they have sat through quite a few of your virtual sales training meetings. The salespeople we work with tell us their top 3 complaints about virtual sales training meetings are that: A) They’re often disappointed they don’t learn anything new. B) They get bored on the calls as the training is not interactive enough and C) They feel like it’s hard to retain the material because it’s only presented to them once, but not reinforced in the future.