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Sandler helped HubSpot increase sales productivity by 15%

"Sandler's unique training is about sharpening critical sales skills. That extra ten to fifteen percent improvement in productivity makes a huge difference and will help sales professionals at all levels of their careers succeed."

- Yamini Rangan, HubSpot CEO

HubSpot Case Study

We Help YOU To Reach YOUR Goals

Mark Stiles, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Speaker

"Eric is a master of his trade. Myself and multiple contributors on our team have trained with Eric."

"He brings intelligence, skill, but most importantly wisdom to the training. He's done it and gains energy by sharing his knowledge and watching his learners thrive. Our organization has benefitted immensely and feel blessed to be con

"WARNING: this is not a 'get rich quick' system. You will need to do the work, but it's worth it."


Hannah Steiman, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Peak Support
"I'm amazed by how far our sales operation has come in the last two months and I have to give a lot of credit to Eric Warner and Praxis. Until a year ago, we didn't have a sales or marketing team. We did almost no sales & marketing at all as all of our growth came from referrals. Eric's training has brought us to a level of processes and professionalism that I couldn't have imagined just a few months ago. It's also very affordable, and the cost can be reimbursed by the state of Massachusetts. I highly recommend this training."


Kathy Ferguson, Training Consultant, CareAcademy

"I'm really grateful for what I have learned from the Sandler coaching. As someone fairly new to sales, it is helping me develop long-term habits for success. Eric is particularly good at holding us accountable to specific changes, even if it is as simple as the word with which you start your questions, and that's what helps me get results. My conversations are better at work - and outside of work, too - thanks to the conversational mindfulness I have learned through Sandler. A must for developing as a professional."


Testimonial from Our Recent Sales Boot Camp:

"The training was fantastic, I enjoyed it very much and it was productive and useful. I would highly recommend Eric and the Sandler system. It really gives me a blue print to follow and a better understanding of the entire sales process."

"I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and have always gotten by on my own “people skills” , winging it, and by trying to make people like me, trust me and tried to create a rapport. It has worked and I’ve had success but I always knew there must be a better, more efficient way if I really want to excel and make more money.  I’ve had a few different sales trainings over that 20 years and this training was VERY DIFFERENT from the others in a positive way."


Jill Carney, Partner, Aborn & Co.
I have been working with Eric and the Sandler program since May 2014. Since that time we have grown our business 100% in yearly revenue. With Eric’s help I have shortened my sales cycle, learned to prospect in an effective way, and achieved personal and professional goals that I didn’t think possible. If you want to be successful in sales, earn more income and feel confident in retaining business hire Eric.

Sean O'Brien, CPA, CITP

Partner at O'Brien, Riley, and Ryan, PC
Break the cycle! How can you break what is already broken? Sounds illogical but that is what training with Eric Warner and Praxis Growth Advisors taught me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t reaching enough people or looking in the wrong the places. It was that I needed to change the techniques and attitude I had fallen into. From there I was able to develop a process that would make selling a habit that is continuously evolving to increase its effectiveness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eric to any professional like me, whose first priority isn’t sales and is experiencing difficulty with business development.

Shannon Hoeg

President & CEO at JSS Communications Inc
Since working with Eric, my sales cycle has shortened, and my prospecting has become increasingly more efficient. Even after the first class, I made small changes that made a big difference. He uses a tried and true Sandler program with his own spin of professional experience and class interaction. I look forward to utilizing Eric's training in many areas of my business.

Brian Campbell SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Clear Company

I have worked with Eric during my role as VP Sales - Multimedia Solutions. He is extremely focused on the customer, business results and getting the best from his team. Eric is an engaging executive leader with a focus on execution, exceeding annual profit and revenue targets. 

Kim Carvalho, Sales Director NFI Corp.
I have been involved with this program since October of last year and I have seen my successes grow. I am not a salesperson by trade, and recently made a career move into a salesperson role. Eric and the Sandler program have helped me to grow in my new role and career. I highly recommend Eric and the Sandler program to sales personnel of every level. Proven techniques will bring proven results.


Keeghan Dougherty Earthwatch Institute 
Whether you work for a fifty-year-old nonprofit (like I do), or a brand new start-up technology company (like some of my classmates), the virtual Sales Mastery training has the potential to help you grow your business with confidence. The year before I joined my first two day bootcamp, we were growing quickly, but lacked focus and confidence to keep pace with our increasingly competitive marketplace. Since joining the weekly Sales Mastery, I have been empowered to institute a clear sales process based on Eric's guidance and the Sandler principles. We now have the confidence to plan our growth and deliver our mission to our volunteers more effectively. Thanks, Eric!

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